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Cleveland Police in Teesside are well aware now that DC 1309 Alastair Crawford collected,handled and sent the only forensics blood to be tested for that conviction for burglary in 2009,

At no time during the six years its took me to try and get justice in the Worsttown of Middlesbrough,the PCC Barry Coppinger his buddy Ed Chicken knows about it,the judges who refused my appeal and a fair court hearing knew about this evidence flawed by the detectives own statement,my own barrister knew that the blood evidence was compromised by the Detective,the MP Andrew Mcdonald knew about this as I told him,and others in emails,but still the courts still convicted me for a crime I did not do.

And they wonder why there the Worsttown.

The facts still remain,the judges didnt jail a burglar who, as a wrongly categorised case of criminal damage,created £160,000 worth of damage to a property and received…

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